End-wall contour design in engine compressors

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  • Endwandkonturierung bei Triebwerk%2dVerdichtern
    End-wall contour design in engine compressors

    End-wall contour design in engine compressors.

Compressor air foils have reached a high level of sophistication. The potential to improve the undisturbed flow around the air foils is nearing exhaustion. This is why the DLR Institute of Propulsion Technology has turned its attention to the secondary flows in the boundary zones of compressor air foils. Since they have a major influence on aerodynamic losses, secondary flows are a factor that limits the efficiency and the operating range of modern compressors.

Therefore, the bandwidth of options for designing compressors with a maximum working range may be widened considerably by employing appropriately contoured drum and end walls to influence these flow phenomena. DLR has demonstrated that such a contoured end wall may reduce losses by up to 30 percent.

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