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10. EUSAR Conference

02 June 2014 - 05 June 2014

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  • Darstellungsformen der SRTM%2dDaten
    Representations of SRTM data

    Based on two radar images supplied by SRTM (one of the two images can be seen on the extreme left of this illustration), the first intermediate step is to calculate the differences between them. These differences in phase information are then depicted in the second image from the left as fringes. From these, the elevation model (third image) can be derived. Low-lying regions are shown as dark areas, with lighter coloured areas denoting higher elevations. Each grey-scale value represents an elevation measured in metres above sea level. The last image in the sequence shows the final digital elevation model, shaded and coloured using an atlas colour scheme. To make the image easier to interpret, the radar image is incorporated into the colour data.

EUSAR, the European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, is the leading international conference dedicated to SAR technology, and applications. EUSAR has accompanied the evolution of high-resolution imaging radar, and has helped to establish an international community of SAR engineers and scientists EUSAR 2014 offers tutorial courses, including polarimetry, interferometry, Pol-InSAR and bi-/multistatic SAR. They comprise basic theory as well as an overview of applications and sensor systems. 


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