The DLR stand
ILA Berlin Air Show 2016

Tomorrow's world of aviation and aerospace - The DLR stand at ILA 2016

The DLR stand at ILA 2016
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The DLR stand in Hall 4 presents the entire range of research being carried out by DLR.


  • MACS-Mar: aerial image sensor system for maritime security
  • Capsule with a thermal protection system for re-entry
  • Asteroid lander MASCOT
  • Tandem-L - a satellite mission to monitor a dynamic Earth
  • OSIRIS (Optical Space Infrared Downlink System), a laser terminal for direct optical transmissions from satellites to Earth
  • BIROS (Bi-spectral Infrared Optical System) - fire detection from space
  • Experiment BIOMEX (Biology and Mars Experiment) on the ISS: searching for space survivalists
  • Training to dock to a space station
  • Kontur-2 joystick - controlling a robot arm from space
  • Intelligent rotors
  • Space Situational Awareness Centre - gazing steadily into outer space
  • ECLIF project - alternative fuels for aviation
  • Qualified EEE-parts for space application
  • Start of the second experiment phase of the E-Nose project on the ISS
  • Air navigation services
  • RCAS - a system to prevent train collisions
  • VaMEx (Valles Marineris Explorer Initiative - across Mars in a swarm
  • DLR’s artificial bird - realistic simulation of bird-strike accidents
  • COPRO - efficient production of composite profiles
  • The Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center (IMPC)
  • FlexIn Heat - repair concept for FRP-structures using inductively heated metal pressure sheets
  • Project SAGITTA - contribution to ongoing technological developments in unmanned aircraft
  • Virtual view of future engine concepts
  • EU funding programme MAAXIMUS: developing an integrated and highly precise design method for the production of aircraft fuselage that allows validation with smaller test samples
  • superARTIS - DLR's robotic research helicopter
  • A-PiMod - the multimodal cockpit of tomorrow
  • Plate lines - dispersing wake vortices faster
  • Optimode - a traffic control centre for airports
  • Functional model of A320 ATRA (Advanced Technology Research Aircraft)
  • Air &Space Traffic Integration - spaceplanes and spaceports in Germany
  • Flexible approaches using the GBAS landing system

More information about the exhibits: 'DLR exhibits at ILA 2016'

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