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Germany is a land of ideas, rich in places where curiosity and
creativity, knowledge and skill can work well together. The
German Aerospace Center DLR is, without doubt, among these
places. Drawing on interdisciplinary connections between aero-
nautics, space, energy and transport research, this organisation
develops new perspectives for the mobility of the future, satis-
fying in equal measure the need for security and high standards
of resource efficiency and environmental protection.
It is thanks to places of innovation such as this that
Germany is one of the leading international research locations –
and it should stay that way. This is why, in our daily work, we
place special emphasis on education and research, and with our
High-Tech Strategy, pool the forces of politics, science and
To secure our prosperity and maintain our ability to inno-
vate, it is important that we continue to attract young people to
mathematics, the natural sciences, technology and engineering.
I am therefore delighted that DLR’s doors are open once again,
offering an insight into the exciting world of its various research
Aeronautics and space have always been in our dreams.
Much of what initially appeared utopian has become real thanks
to outstanding, cutting-edge research. Progress – this is DLR’s
calling. I therefore invite everyone to make use of the opportunity
that German Aerospace Day offers, and take a look into the
Personal greetings on the occasion
of German Aerospace Day 2013
By Angela Merkel
Dr Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the
Federal Republic of Germany
The European Ariane 5 – a symbol of success in
scientific and technical research in a united Europe.
Image: ESA
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