Student Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering or similar: Construction and testing of a high temperature thermochemical reactor

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High temperature heat storage is one of the key points for the development of solar power plants. Several improvements can be foreseen when using a chemical reaction, instead of sensible heat, as heat storage, for example constant discharge temperature, high energy density and the possibility of long storage duration.

Based on these considerations, DLR showed the feasibility of a thermochemical reactor which uses concentrated solar energy to reduce a metal oxide, thus storing the sun energy into chemical products.

During charging phase, the metal oxide, cobalt oxide in this particular case, is reduced to its lower valence form, by absorbing the heat:

Co3O4 + ∆H → CoO + 1/2O2

The reverse reaction (oxidation of the cobalt oxide) allows the release of the heat.

In order to avoid problems related to particle transport, an indirectly heated system was designed: the reactive material, in a structured shape, is heated up and cooled down by air, coming from the solar receiver or from the environment. The concept feasibility was proven at lab-scale and showed promising results. The reactor concept will be therefore scaled up to pre-prototype dimension. The pre-prototype (about 10kg material) will be tested in DLR, at the Cologne site.

Following the results of the tests, a bigger scale reactor (about 500kg of reactive material) will be installed inside a solar facility: the solar tower in Jülich.

The present study mainly focuses on the pre-prototype reactor. The reactor will be assembled and the complete experiment will be set up. After calibration of the single components, an experimental campaign will determine the suitable operating conditions and the eventual critical points.

At the same time, the applicant will take actively part in the design, ordering and construction of the scaled-up reactor, to be installed in the solar tower in Jülich.

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September 2014

ca. 6 months

DLR Cologne, Headquarters

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DLR Institute of Solar Research

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Dr. Stefania Tescari

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