Student Physics, Chemistry or similar: Theory and Modeling of Batteries

Ihre Mission:

The DLR’s Institute of Technical Thermodynamics is working on the utilization of technologies of energy conversion that are efficient and gentle on resources as well as on the accelerated utilization of renewable energies. Within this context our Department of Computational Electrochemistry at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage, Germany, invites applicants from all over the world to work with us. 

Our team models physico-chemical processes inside batteries - from the nanoscale to the macroscale. Together with our experimental and theoretical partners at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage, the newly constructed international centre of excellence in battery research, we are developing innovative next-generation batteries for electric mobility and stationary grid storage applications.

Rechargeable zinc-air batteries offer great benefits for future stationary energy storage. In this Master thesis, we want to computationally model the main obstacles for the successful application of this technology with continuum equations and identify routes to circumvent them.

We offer a stimulating research environment, room for your own ideas, and possibilities to communicate successful work to the international scientific audience. We hope to continue this work during a PhD thesis.

Ihre Qualifikation:

  • Excellent results during university studies of physics, engineering, or chemistry
  • Strong knowledge of theory, simulation, and modeling
  • Passion for innovative research and self-reliant personality
  • Very good knowledge of English

Ihr Start:

Freuen Sie sich auf einen Arbeitgeber, der Ihr Engagement zu schätzen weiß und Ihre Entwicklung durch vielfältige Qualifizierungs- und Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten fördert. Unser einzigartiges Arbeitsumfeld bietet Ihnen Gestaltungsfreiräume und eine unvergleichbare Infrastruktur, in der Sie Ihre Mission verwirklichen können. Schwerbehinderte Bewerberinnen bevorzugen wir bei fachlicher Eignung.

Course paper / final thesis

fall 2014

6-12 months

DLR site Stuttgart

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DLR Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics

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Contact person :

Dr. Birger Horstmann

Institute of Technical Thermodynamics Tel: +49 731 503-4007

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Course paper / final thesis

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Exciting challenges for inquisitive people: write your thesis at DLR! Copyright:, Jupiterimages

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