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Numerical simulation of additive manufacturing process

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4 to 12 months


According to German TVöD 5

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"Cutting-edge research requires excellent minds – particularly more females – at all levels. Launch your mission with us and send in your application now!" Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund - Chair of the DLR Executive Board

Your mission:

In many industrial sectors reduced weight of primary or secondary structures is an important design objective. Additive layer manufacturing (ALM) allows going to completely new designs like bionic optimized structures which was not possible or not cost effective in the past. So far, structures manufactured by ALM are used more for complex secondary structures. Possible reasons are that during the manufacturing process the quality of the material might not be equality distributed of the complete structure or defects such as inherent process-induced distortions and residual stresses impede the application of 3D printed parts. One main driver for the aforementioned defects is the high processing temperature resulting in significant temperature gradients within the part. Therefore, the objective of the work is the simulation of the manufacturing process and the analysis of the effect of temperature on residual stresses and distortions using the finite element software ABAQUS.

To that, following tasks are to process:

  • literature survey
  • identification and evaluation of a suitable simulation strategy
  • generation of a FE-Modell
  • performing of heat transfer and stress analysis
  • investigation of the effect of temperature on residual stresses and distortions
  • documentation

Your qualifications:

  • student in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or similar study course  
  • work has to be written in English
  • fluent English

Your benefits:

Look forward to a fulfilling job with an employer who appreciates your commitment and supports your personal and professional development. Our unique infrastructure offers you a working environment in which you have unparalled scope to develop your creative ideas and accomplish your professional objectives. Our human resources policy puts great value on a healthy work-life balance as well as equal opportunities for men and women. Individuals with disabilities will be given preferential consideration in the event their qualifications are equivalent to those of other candidates.

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Prof. Dr. Richard Degenhardt
Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems

Phone: +49 531 295-3059

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