Career opportunities

Dual studies

Apply theoretical knowledge immediately

If you want to combine theory and practice and get a Bachelor degree in the meantime, apply to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for a dual studies course! With us, you will learn the practical side of your dream job while studying at one of the collaborating colleges. Experiential learning units and lecture periods alternate: you will be able to apply and deepen the technical and methodological knowledge acquired in your studies – with the help of a personal supervisor from our institutes and facilities, of course. After six terms, your Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science will be a done deal.

Wanted: enthusiasm for technical relationships

Start by applying for a training place on a dual studies course at DLR. Following a positive response from us, you will be admitted to the collaborating college. During your studies you will also be a DLR trainee. We are looking for committed young people who will strengthen our teams with enthusiasm and initiative, and pursue their studies in a focused way. With us, you will take on demanding tasks and become familiar with the subject area of your final thesis early on. During your dual studies course, we will supervise you with experience and commitment. But that's not all: you will also familiarise yourself with typical requirements of everyday professional life and experience the fascinating world of DLR. It's the best possible way to start your career – or for earning a Masters degree. If you still have not decided upon whether to continue your studies or not, we offer you a nine-month contract.

Information for applicants