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Ina Niewind neben einer Transall

Committed to safety – flight test engineer Ina Rüdinger

While pilots at the controls of an F-4F Phantom II or Eurofighter conduct test flights at altitudes of several thousand metres, their ‘client’ stands on the ground below; extremely concentrated, Ina Niewind scrutinises the display screens and flight charts, speaks with the pilots and checks altitude, speed and other data. The events ...

Excellent opportunities for pioneers

We want to continue achieving top-level results in the future – and to do this we need the innovation potential of men and women alike. At the German Aerospace Center (DLR), we systematically work on providing every man and woman the best conditions for this. Since1998 DLR has been committed to ensuring equitable working conditions – successfully. DLR has already received the ‘Total E-Quality’ distinction and the berufundfamilie® (career and family) audit certificate numerous times. These awards demonstrate that we operate a family-conscious HR policy largely oriented towards equal opportunity, to gradually deliver equality to men and women at all levels of employment at DLR. Even today, the percentage of female PhD candidates at DLR is already significantly higher than that of young female students in the same disciplines – so we are heading in the right direction.

Despite all the advances, there is still plenty ahead of us

Our goal? That highly-qualified women will increasingly engage in cutting-edge research in Germany in future. To increase the proportion of women within the scientific staff and management at DLR, we specifically encourage and empower talented female junior researches. We offer communication and management training for women, as well as a mentoring programme for female scientists at the Helmholtz Association, with which DLR is affiliated. The major challenge faced by young professionals often involves coordinating their professional and family lives. At DLR, you will have the support of a dedicated family guidance office, where you can take advantage of the parent support services of the AWO (Workers' Welfare Service) and ask for individual models for working from home or on a part-time basis.

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