Video: Annual General Meeting 2012 featuring the DLR_Science_Slam

Annual General Meeting 2012
05 December 2012

Watch the video of the DLR German Aerospace Center Annual General Meeting 2012 including the DLR_Science_Slam here. 

Congratulations to the winner of DLR_Science_Slam 2012:

Attila Wohlbrandt
DLR Institute of Propulsion Technology, Berlin
Topic: 'Silent flight with Jan'

Thanks to our finalists!

Tina Jurkat & the Atmospheric Weather Band
DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Oberpfaffenhofen
Topic: 'HALO WORLD – around the world in 14 days with the High Altitude LOng range research aircraft'

Thomas Dautermann and Michael Felux
DLR Institute of Flight Guidance, Braunschweig, and the DLR Institute of Communications and Navigation, Oberpfaffenhofen
Topic: 'Blind landing – or is it? Landing with satellite navigation'

Justin Hardi
DLR Institute of Space Propulsion, Lampoldshausen
Topic: 'Musical rocket propulsion'