DLR Magazine 136/137 - Making science fun

A test drive on the Red Planet
09 April 2013

The Mars rover makes its way across rough terrain - but not on its own. A school pupil controls it. Although it is not a real rover conducting scientific experiments, the child is clearly thrilled by this game. Dirk Stiefs' objective is to spark an interest in science. The latest issue of the DLR Magazine features the creative head of the DLR_School_Lab in Bremen. And just a few doors down, DLR scientists are conducting research into satellites that fly with the power of the Sun. Their vision: solar sails that self deploy in space. While on the topic of space, we present the force behind DLR’s Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information. Their objective is to provide assistance to relief organisations during times of natural catastrophes and crises. DLR is currently chairing the International Charter ‘Space and Major Disasters’, and we are taking the opportunity to explain the actions taken in the event of an emergency - the challenge of working against the clock. Just like DLR’s HALO research aircraft, which takes us to the Antarctic and back in just ten days.

This issue also brings the latest DLR news, a visit to the Berlin Museum of Natural History, our editors’ recommendations for books, and much more. The Magazine is now available for tablets (iPad and Android). Here, your experience will be enhanced by amazing images, short interviews, and videos.

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