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Wing of research aircraft Airbus ATRA Messensorik

Flügel des Forschungsairbus ATRA mit Messensorik

The scientists want to predict the maximum lift of aircraft more accurately; future aircraft configurations and high lift devices should provide further aerodynamic improvements.

Following maritime traffic with AISat


With a deployable, four-meter-long helix antenna, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) AISat satellite will be used to receive radio signals from ships. It is expected to launch aboard an Indian rocket in 2014.



Project SoziRob, funded by the DLR Space Administration, will study the social interaction between robots and humans. The humanoid robot Nao, developed by scientists at the University of Bielefeld, will act as social interaction partner and will encourage sport and offer guidance and commentary.

Research for more efficient solar power plants – DUKE test facility

Forschung für effizientere Sonnenkraftwerke: Testanlage DUKE

Since the beginning of 2013 at the Plataforma Solar de Almería research site in Spain, DLR researchers have been testing a new system in which steam to drive a turbine is generated directly in the receiver tubes of parabolic troughs.

Free piston linear generator


The free piston linear generator is similar to a conventional internal combustion engine, but the linear motion of the piston is not converted to rotary movement of a crankshaft, but instead directly generates electricity.



For the DLR project LAIRDIM (Laser-based AIRborne Detection, Identification and Monitoring of biological and chemical hazardous substances), different methods for identification of hazardous materials will be tested at DLR Lampoldshausen.


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