European Airport Movement Management by A-SMGCS
Project Summary
  only approved + public EMMA documents
GP0 - Management  
 D012_GAP_V1.0 Database about gender aspects of EMMA human resources 
SP1 - Concept  
D111_SAD_V1.0 State of the Art in A-SMGCS
D112u_CDG_V1.0 Long-term Measurements of A-SMGCS Performance - CDG Case Study
D121u_ATM_V1.0 ATM interoperability , Final version
D131u_OSED-update_V1.0   Air-Ground Operational Service and Environmental Description
D133_GSC_V1.0  General Safety Concept 
D135u_ORD-update_V1.0 Operational Requirement Document
D136u_HMI_V1.0 Human Factors HMI Requirements
D137_TC_V1.0 A-SMGCS Trainings Concept
D139_FHAvPSSA_V1.0 Functional Hazard Assessment and very preliminary System Safety Assessment Report
D141u_AGFA_V1.0 Air-Ground Functional Architecture (AGFA Update)
D142au_TRD-GND_V1.0 Technical Requirements Document (TRD) Part A - GROUND
D142b_TRD-AIR_V011 Technical Requirements Document, Part B - AIRBORNE
D143_CG_V1.0 A-SMGCS related Certification Aspects
D151_TG_V10    Transition Guidelines for A-SMGCS
D161_TSOD_V1.0 Test Sites Operations for Prague-Ruzyne, Toulouse-Blagnac and Milan Malpensa
D171a_INNO_V1.0 A-SMGCS Data Link Situation
D171b_SK_V1.0 Regional Airport Starter Kit for A-SMGCS
SP2 - Onboard  
SP3 - Airport Prague  
SP4 - Airport Toulouse  
D441 REP V1.0 Report on the format, quality and quantity of raw system performance results for the Toulouse Blagnac airport
D442 SPEC V1.0 Specification of the measurement tools and assessment of their performance at Toulouse Blagnac
SP5 - Airport Malpensa  
SP6 - Validation  
D611_Generic_VV_Masterplan_V1.0 Generic Verification and Validation Masterplan
D612_TP_Prague_V1.0 Verification and Validation Test Plan for PRAGUE Ruzyne Airport
D616_GTAP_V1.0 Generic Test and Analysis Plan for Verification and Validation of A-SMGCS
D621_METHO_V1.0   V&V Methodology for A-SMGCS
D622_METRICS_V10 Indicators and Metrics for A-SMGCS
D623_TEST_ENV_DESC_V1.0 V&V Test Environment Descriptions for Prague, Malpensa, Toulouse and on-board
D631_Results-PRG_V1.0 Test Results Prague
D641_Results-TLS_V1.0 Toulouse A-SMGCS verification and validation results
D651_Results_MXP_V1.0 Malpensa A-SMGCS V&V Results
D671_Analysis_V1.0 Verification and Validation Analysis Report
D681_RECOM_V1.0 Recommendations Report
GP7 - User Forum  
D712_CSR_V1.0 Collection of Site Visit Results
D721_CUF_V1.0 Conclusion of User Feedback
D731_CR_V1.0 Cross Recommendations to and from other Projects
Handout_A3.pdf EMMA Handout, A3 format, duplex printing layout
Poster A3.jpg EMMA Poster A3
EMMA Final Activity Report v1.0 Final Activity Report