European Airport Movement Management by A-SMGCS
Project Summary
EMMA Event Schedule


  Date Event Place Remarks
ICAS Hamburg  
2006-04-20 Public Launch EMMA2 Milan Malpensa Airport
  2006-03-21/22 Demo Day + Workshop (Docs) Prague Ruzyne Airport
  2006-02-14/16 ATC Maastricht Info Maastricht  
  2005-10-24/27 Eurocontrol A-SMGCS course Info Luxembourg  
  2005-10-13/14 A-SMGCS Workshop Info + Docs Braunschweig  
  2005-10-10/13 Eurocontrol ATM Symposium Braunschweig  
  2005-09-26/29 DGLR Symposium Friedrichshafen  
  2005-06-20./21 JISSA Symposium Paris  
  2004-10-15.. 1st User Forum (Docs) Luxembourg Coupled with the EUROCONTROL
A-SMGCS Course
JISSA 2005
Joint International symposium on Sensors and Systems for Airport surveillance

The SEE’s (Société de l’Electricité, de l’Electronique et des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication) Technical Committee 23, in charge of activities in the domains of detection, localisation and navigation, is announcing a two-day symposium, on sensors and systems for airport surveillance and ground movements control, to take place on 20 & 21 June 2005. This symposium is jointly sponsored by the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC), Aéroport de Paris, EUROCONTROL, the Commission of the European Union (DG TREN), the Airport Council International (ACI) and the International Consortium for Airport Surveillance (ICAS).

 User Forum
The main objectives of the user forum are to present the work being carried out within the EMMA project to the aeronautical community and to bring together people working on A-SMGCS in order to cross feed experience between various activities and obtain feedback from experts in specific topics.
 1st Review Meeting 

Malpensa Airport will host the 1st EMMA Review Meeting on Thursday 2004-06-24. The 42 participants from 24 companies reviewed the 1st three months of the project. 

Contract signed by EC and DLR -- Kick Off Meeting 2004-03-30/31