EMMA2 -- 2006-2009 --
Common A-SMGCS interoperable air-ground cooperation concept and benefit expectation
Integrated project of the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission
Pave the way for harmonized A-SMGCS implementation in Europe
     21 European partners -- 4 European testsites
PR - Information
2009-03-03 EMMA2-Video (ca 20 min) MPEG-4 Movie EMMA2-35MB.mp4
QuickTime Movie EMMA2-350MB.mov
WMV Movie EMMA2-180MB.wmv

EMMA2 flyer

2009-02-26  EMMA2 Flyer, Demo Day Malpensa, DIN A3 EMMA2 flyer Demo Day
2009-02-26 Demonstration Day in Malpensa see Meetings
2007-02-15  Presentations in Maastricht EMMA2_ASMGCS_Forum_
2006-04-26 EMMA2 Handout, DIN A3,
duplex printing layout
 EMMA2 flyer
2006-04-04 EMMA2 Poster,
 EMMA2 Poster A2
 EMMA2 Poster A4
EMMA-Video (20min)
MPEG-4 Movie EMMA-50MB.mp4
QuickTime Movie EMMA-90MB.mov

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