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Global map of Titan

8 June 2005

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Global map of Titan
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The image shows a rectangular global map of Titan's sphere, taken on 26 October 2004 by the Cassini spectrometer VIMS with a wavelength of 2.03 micrometers and from a distance of 1200 kilometres; the equator runs across the centre of the image. Using this wavelength, the spectrometer can penetrate the methane vapour of the atmosphere and illustrate some details of the surface. The bright, structured surface in the centre shows the area 'Xanadu'. The cutout on the top right shows the mountain described in the text in form of a snail's shell, which could be an ice volcano. The left upper cutout shows, where the European Huygens probe landed on 14 January 2005. Credit: Nature/Cassini VIMS team.


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