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News Archive 2006

Space Shuttle Discovery completes successful mission

17 July 2006

Wittig: "Extension of International Space Station can now go ahead"

Space Shuttle Discovery lands at Kennedy Space Center
zum Bild Space Shuttle Discovery lands at Kennedy Space Center

Cologne - On Monday, 17 July 2006 at 15:14 CET, the Space Shuttle Discovery touched down as scheduled at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with a crew of six on board, completing a successful mission to the International Space Station (ISS). On Tuesday 4 July 2006, German ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter travelled on board the Space Shuttle to the ISS, where he will stay for around six months. The Shuttle also took more than two tonnes of food, technical instruments and new experiments to the ISS.

"We are delighted at the success of this Shuttle mission, which took our astronaut Thomas Reiter to the International Space Station where he will be working and carrying out research for around six months," said Prof. Dr Sigmar Wittig, Chair of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

"Congratulations to NASA on the successful resumption of Shuttle flights. Now the extension programme for the International Space Station can go ahead and we can intensify the amount of scientific research performed in zero gravity. We now believe that Europe's and Germany's most important contribution to the ISS, the Columbus research laboratory, will dock with the International Space Station next year," Wittig added.

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