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News Archive Cologne
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08/12/2010 Mathematician and stargazer – software expert Rolf Hempel
06/12/2010 Sleep deprivation study at DLR Cologne
02/12/2010 DLR Magazine 128 – It's all in the detail
30/11/2010 American energy research centre NREL and DLR extend their collaboration
18/11/2010 Energy from the desert: "It has to be an exchange, rather than merely a sale of electricity"
18/11/2010 Energy from the desert: "The picture is very different from Germany or the rest of Europe"
06/08/2010 Training astronauts for space – under water
10/07/2010 Rosetta spacecraft returns unique glimpses of asteroid Lutetia
05/07/2010 Philae and Rosetta gear up for asteroid Lutetia
02/07/2010 New Global Aviation Monitors: DLR expects regeneration of German and international air traffic
30/06/2010 Electricity from the desert: "We are at the forefront of development"
06/05/2010 DLR tests sharp-edged spacecraft with new type of heat shield cooling system
20/04/2010 New DLR Institute of Solar Research receives a 27 million Euro grant from the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia
26/03/2010 MAXUS 8 – a leap into space
05/03/2010 Lying in bed to serve science
03/03/2010 Interview with Prof. Dr-Ing. Ulrich Wagner
27/01/2010 DLR 2010 – Research for the future
15/12/2009 Simply refuel using the Sun – solar researcher Martina Neises
05/10/2009 Low-pollution combustion: DLR commissions a new combustion chamber test rig
02/10/2009 From apprentice with a distinctive profile to mechanical technician: Stefan Ratke
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