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Close to Ma’adim Vallis, in 3D

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Close to Ma’adim Vallis, in 3D
 Zur Ansicht dieses Bildes benötigen Sie eine Rot-Grün- oder eine Rot-Blau-Brille, die Sie in Deutschland z.B. beim Optiker oder im Fotofachgeschäft erhalten. Download this image: Hi-Res JPEG (29.23 MB) Hi-Res TIFF (43.26 MB)
Mars Express 3D image of a region close to Ma’adim Vallis, one of the largest canyons on Mars. After Valles Marineris, Ma’adim Vallis is one of the largest canyons on Mars. The imaged region lies southeast of Ma’adim Vallis; the pictures are centred at about 29°S and 182°E and have a ground resolution of 15 metres per pixel.

Ma’adim Vallis is located between the volcanic region of Tharsis, which harbours four volcanoes, including the largest volcano in the Solar System, and the Hellas Planitia impact basin, and originates in the southern highlands close to the dichotomy boundary and ends in Gusev crater. The canyon is 20 kilometres wide and 2 kilometres deep.

Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum).