DLR has been researching energy problems for over 30 years

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DLR has been researching energy problems for over 30 years
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DLR researchers are investigating several solutions on the question of Energy via interdisciplinary projects. They have developed the first aircraft in the world that can take off and using a fuel cell as its power source. They are improving existing power plants by optimising combustion and are researching innovative, more efficient solutions. Along with industrial partners, the researchers are developing new energy storage solutions so that the electricity generated by solar power stations can be made available when required, and not only when the Sun shines. DLR researchers are world experts in the testing of solar power station mirrors and have demonstrated via large-scale international projects that renewable energy can ensure our future power supply, if we approach the problem correctly.

The image shows a DLR researcher quality testing a parabolic mirror for a solar power station.

Credit: DLR.
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