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Volcanoes of Kamchatka

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Volcanoes of Kamchatka
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This is one of the most outstanding volcanic regions in the world, with a high density of various types of active volcanoes and a wide range of related features. The six sites included in the serial designation group together most of the volcanic features of the Kamchatka peninsula. The interplay of active volcanoes and glaciers forms a dynamic landscape of great beauty. The sites contain great species diversity, including the world’s largest known variety of salmonoid fish and exceptional concentrations of sea otter, brown bear and Stellar’s sea eagle. This radar image shows the Kljucevskaja Sopka volcano soon after the eruptions of September 1994. Red areas are cold lava, and the greenish-blue lines are mudflows consisting of volcanic ash and melt water. Although the image has a three- dimensional effect, it contains no elevation information.

The image was taken on 5 October 1994 by the Space Shuttle mission STS-68 / SIR-C /X-SAR and has a resolution of 12.5 metres. It covers an area of 35 by 70 kilometres.

Credit: NASA/DLR.
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