Volcanic peak Idunn Mons

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Volcanic peak Idunn Mons
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The volcanic peak Idunn Mons, situated at 46°S, 214.5°E, in the Imdr Regio area of Venus. It has a diameter of about 200 kilometres (120 miles) and its summit rises about 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles) above the plains, and the bright flows originate there. The topography is derived from data obtained by NASA's Magellan spacecraft, with a vertical magnification of 30. Radar data (in brown) from Magellan has been overlaid on the topographic data. Bright areas are rough or have steep slopes, and dark areas are smooth.

The coloured overlay shows heat patterns derived from surface brightness data collected by the Visible and Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer (VIRTIS) instrument on ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft. Temperature variations due to topography have been removed. The brightness indicates the composition of the minerals that have been changed due to lava flow. The warmest area is red to orange and purple is the coolest. The warmest area is centred on the summit.

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