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Missions and projects

A large part of the research and development at the DLR location of Berlin-Adlershof is dedicated to space research. The scientists and engineers of the institutes and departments are working on projects of the most varied subject areas. Apart from their own fields of application, they come together time and again in space research. Major results of their work are to be seen in the missions Mars Express, Cassini-Huygens and the current Venus Express mission.

The services provided in the area of transport research form a second focus of the work at the Berlin-Adlershof location. The Institute of Transport Research provides information on this subject on its website, including current research topics and objectives achieved.

The most important missions in an overview

Mars Express

The Mars Express mission is the most current in a long row of Mars missions. It is to usher in a new period of intensive and significant Mars research. Mars Express is an important trailblazer in this field for various reasons.
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Venus Express

The Venus Express mission is the younger brother of Mars Express. The technological achievements of the Mars Express mission are used once more in this mission. Since the arrival at Venus, the probe has been sending good images of surprising contents. The exploration of Venus is entering a new round.
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The Cassini-Huygens mission is one of the most ambitious projects ever within the framework of planetary exploration. Launched on 15 October 1997, the American-European planet probe Cassini-Huygens travelled to Saturn, the second largest planet of our solar system, through outer space for nearly seven years. In mid 2004, the probe reached the gigantic gas planet. The flight distance covered were some 3.5 billion kilometres.
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