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News Archive 2006

DLR wins contract to position and operate twelve satellites for the German Bundeswehr

11 August 2006

SATCOMBw Stufe 2 Satellite
zum Bild SATCOMBw Stufe 2 Satellite

Plans to launch SATCOMBw Stage 2 satellites in 2008

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has won the contract to position and operate two new satellites for the German Bundeswehr as part of the SATCOMBw Stage 2 communications system. Contracts to this effect have been signed with the operating company MilSat Services GmbH and Astrium GmbH.

The satellites are to be launched in 2008 and will be managed and operated by the DLR's German Space Operations Centre for a total contract period of ten years. The project will create and safeguard around 30 new jobs at DLR.

The two SATCOMBw Stage 2 satellites will be positioned in geostationary orbit to ensure that their antennae can deliver communication services to an area between the US and eastern Asia. The satellites are designed for an operating period of 15 years. The contract governing regular flight operations includes an option to extend the contract.

As well as controlling the satellites, DLR will also deliver many communication services from its numerous sites offering ground station facilities. Additional infrastructure, operating rooms and antennae are being built for this purpose.

DLR's German Space Operations Centre has a wealth of experience in the positioning and operation of satellites gained over the last four decades, during which time more than 40 scientific and commercial missions have been undertaken. The German Space Operations Centre therefore plays a key role within European and international aerospace.


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