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News Archive 2006

STS-115 must wait longer - Launch of Shuttle Atlantis scrubbed


 Space Shuttle Atlantis
zum Bild Space Shuttle Atlantis

With the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, NASA will continue flight operations aimed at completing construction of the International Space Station ISS. The launch of Atlantis from the Kennedy Space Center, planned for today at 11:40 local (17:40 CEST), has been scrubbed.

Launch controllers detected a problem with one of the four engine cut-off (ECO) sensor systems inside the liquid hydrogen section of the space shuttle's orange external tank. The sensor system is one of several that protect the shuttle's main engines by triggering their shut down if fuel runs unexpectedly low. The new launch time for Atlantis is targeted for 11:15 local (17:15 CEST) on Saturday.

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Created: 08/09/2006 09:10:00
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