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Hot stuff on Venus! Looking on the hell-like surface of Earth's twin through a very special "window" in the clouds with Venus Express
Scientists involved in a spectrometer experiment onboard the Venus Express mission of the European Space Agency ESA have succeeded in looking through the thick carbon dioxide atmosphere of Earth's sister planet. From the orbiting spacecraft they were able to obtain the first large-area temperature maps from the southern hemisphere of this unfriendly, lead-melting hot Venusian world. VIRTIS is the instrument that was used for obtaining these temperature measurements. "This is a major step forward in our attempt to identify specific surface features on the surface of Venus", states Jörn Helbert from the German Aerospace Center's (DLR) Institute of Planetary Research in Berlin, Germany, who is a member of the VIRTIS team.
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Created: 14/12/2006 11:40:00
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