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News Archive Goettingen
08/10/2010 Safely in tunnels – DLR commences operations on a ‘world first’ – a unique train tunnel simulation facility
10/09/2010 Eighty-year old film from the pioneering era of fluid mechanics evaluated using modern measurement techniques
01/07/2010 A mix of a helicopter and a passenger aircraft – DLR studies the aircraft of the future
06/05/2010 Cooling effects for high temperatures
06/05/2010 A heat shield tile in the wind tunnel
06/05/2010 DLR tests sharp-edged spacecraft with new type of heat shield cooling system
23/03/2010 DLR Webcast: DLR researchers support the development of the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse
17/02/2010 Progress in aviation research - quieter flying with less environmental impact
27/01/2010 DLR 2010 – Research for the future
10/12/2009 Swept wings: the breakthrough to modern aviation
25/11/2009 DLR and Bombardier Transportation sign cooperation agreement for the trains of the future
09/11/2009 A breath of fresh air in the Turbine Department at DLR Göttingen: Ingo Röhle
06/11/2009 DLR supports planned record flight with solar glider
27/10/2009 DLR simulates Mars' atmosphere in Göttingen
05/08/2009 Mobile vibration tests save time and money in the development of new airliners – a report
07/07/2009 DLR motor glider Antares takes off in Hamburg – powered by a fuel cell
26/02/2009 Hypersonic flow made visible by DLR researchers
13/01/2009 Lower fuel consumption thanks to new turbines - DLR research for Rolls-Royce