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Apprentice gets bonus for innovative suggestion for improvement

30 March 2007

Sometimes there seems to be no easy solution for a problem. This happened when it was necessary to heat some parts of a carbon-fiber reinforced wing for a wind tunnel model from the inside to get the powder glue melting and obtain a perfect bonding.


David Boger is presenting his idea to the selection committee (picture: DLR).

But then David Boger, apprentice at DLR’s Systemhaus Technik (SHT) in Braunschweig, had an idea. He developed and built a device that enabled him to reach hidden edges inside the wing, get the spot easily heated and finally glued. The innovation made the whole production process more efficient.


This is another example for the excellent apprenticeship and the support of self-dependent work at the SHT.


The innovation was awarded a bonus as a real “suggestion for improvement”.





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