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More than 20.000 visitors at ‘Science meets City’

22 June 2007

A young driver ist testing the SMPLab.

Picture: DLR.

 This years ‘Days of Research’ stood under the motto ‘Science meets City’ - a major contribution to Braunschweig’s City of Science 2007-Program. Twenty-one member institutions of the ForschungRegion Braunschweig e.V. presented themselves from 14th till 17th of June not only in the Landesmuseum but also in a more than 800m² spanning tent area on the Burgplatz right into Braunschweig’s city center.

The DLR-Site Braunschweig/Goettingen presented some fascinating exhibits from the fields of aeronautics, space and transportation that invited to look at and try them out interactively.


In the SMPLab of the Institute of Transportation Systems the visitors were ‘driven’ by the fact that cars and aircraft can indeed learn something from horses. People were also given the opportunity to test a driver assistance system by either using a conventional steering wheel or a sidestick.


In the flight simulator of the Institute of Flight Guidance visitors took the chance to be a pilot for one day by doing a final approach and land at Zurich-Airport.


At the ‘scream box’ of DLR Goettingen’s School_Lab pupils were yelling into a box that measured noise levels and allowed them to compare these with those of well known objects from everyday usage. The soap-film canal gave the visitors the opportunity to study the fluid dynamics of a wing profile and other objects.


Pupils are trying out the scream box.

Picture: DLR.

Impressive insights into the world of fluid dynamics were given by the Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology by the means of a brand-new fluid dynamic simulation, showing three dimensional fluid analysis on helicopters and aircraft.


A fascinating journey into outer space took the visitors from the space probes ‘Mars Net Lander’ and ‘Rosetta’ to the edge of space and beyond.

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