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DLR at the Berlin Air Show (ILA)

12 May 2006

 Logo for the 2006 Berlin Air Show (ILA)
zum Bild Logo for the 2006 Berlin Air Show (ILA)

Cologne/Berlin - The German Aerospace Center (DLR) will have its largest-ever presence at this year's Berlin Air Show (ILA) from 16 - 21 May. Numerous exhibits show the latest state of research and the participation of German scientists in many national and international air and space travel projects. Amongst many highlights is the realistic 3D Stereo Flight Simulator, computerised flow-simulation models, ceramic combustion chamber linings for the increase of aeroplane engine efficiency, manoeuvre simulations in a wind tunnel and also the measurement of acoustic sources on an aeroplane by microphone arrays.

In the special ILA Space Exhibition (Hall 9), DLR with the support of the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) presents missions and experiments in the context of the German commitment to European space travel. DLR contributes a substantial portion of the experiments aboard the ESA Mars Express and Venus Express missions as well as the scientific evaluation of the data.

A special visitor to this exhibition will be the Airbus A300 ZERO-G, one of only three planes in the world capable of parabolic flight - allowing the experience of weightlessness for humans and zero gravity for scientific experiments. The Airbus will make its appearance on Friday 19 May at Static display 1A.

 Airbus A300 Zero-G
zum Bild Airbus A300 Zero-G

DLR-Aerospace highlights

The DLR exhibits in Hall 9 show the current state of research in aviation. You can see in particular a gas cell for apron vehicles, the unmanned helicopter system ARTIS (Autonomous Rotorcraft Testbed for Intelligent Systems) and "Adaptronics for helicopters".

DLR-Space highlights

The DLR space exhibits document the current state of research within the range booster rockets, planetary research, Earth observation and space flight control. They show the substantial DLR participation in international projects studying our Solar System, particularly Mars and Venus.

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