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Press releases 2009
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Week 52 How old is the Universe?
21/12/2009 DLR review of the year 2009
17/12/2009 Kraken Mare: a reflecting surface of a lake on Saturn's moon Titan
16/12/2009 Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency: a key role in achieving global carbon dioxide emissions targets
11/12/2009 Martian moons Phobos and Deimos together in one image for the first time
02/12/2009 DLR storm research: less nitrogen oxide in tropical weather than expected
29/11/2009 A perfect flight of the TEXUS 47 research rocket rounds out the double programme
26/11/2009 Knowledge for tomorrow – DLR Annual General Meeting 2009
25/11/2009 DLR and Bombardier Transportation sign cooperation agreement for the trains of the future
23/11/2009 From the South Pole to the ISS – AWI and DLR to conduct joint health research in the Antarctic
16/11/2009 Space Shuttle launched – Atlantis carrying 14-ton payload to ISS
06/11/2009 Chaotic terrain between Kasei Valles and Sacra Fossae
05/11/2009 Clean water from sunlight
02/11/2009 SMOS satellite launched
27/10/2009 DLR simulates Mars' atmosphere in Göttingen
20/10/2009 DLR tests new helicopter control system: successful first flight with two active sidesticks
15/10/2009 From Charité into space: ThermoLab experiment starts on the ISS
13/10/2009 DLR signs cooperation agreement to investigate alternative fuel types for use in aviation
10/10/2009 BEXUS 8: stratospheric balloon experiment launched successfully by Rostock University students
09/10/2009 Lava flows in Daedalia Planum
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