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Association of the German Petroleum Industry: The car market until 2040

The car of the future will be powered by oil and electricity. This is the only way that expectations of car drivers can be met, as established by the 'Car market until 2040' study. The study clearly s...
Related Topics: Measures and Technologies Combustible

Plant Development

DLR Lampoldshausen had its share in the conception of European rockets since the 1960ies. Back then already, it was crucial to test the rocket engines under vacuum conditions. Test facility P4 with it...
Related Topics: Combustible Pollutant Spacecraft Propulsion and Power Propellants and Fuels Launch Vehicles and Launch Operations

Institute of Space Propulsion: Engine tests and research for European astronautics

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) boasts unique expertise in developing and operating engine test facilities in Europe. The site in Lampoldshausen, for instance, has been testing and further developin...
Related Topics: Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space) Combustible Spacecraft Propulsion and Power Propellants and Fuels Launch Vehicles and Launch Operations


Renewable power generation by a solar-driven sulphur storage cycle
Effective and economic long-term storage of solar energy is crucial in order to fully...
Related Topics: Combustible Energy Production and Conversion

Progressive missiles technologies (FFT)

In order to improve future missile generations new technologies have to be developed. The main targets of this DLR internal project are the development of base technologies and design criteria for key...
Related Topics: Composite Materials Combustible

Test Facilities

Today unique test facilities provide the DLR site Lampoldshausen with a full range of test services and capabilities for different requirements. The reliability of these test facilities will contribut...
Related Topics: Aircraft Propulsion and Power Combustible Propellants and Fuels Dependability Research and Support Facilities (Air)
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