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Cologne, Headquarter of the DLR and the Institute of Solar Research

The Institute for Solar Research has its main site at the DLR headquarter in Cologne. Here the Institute operates the major research facility “High-Flux Solar Furnace and Xenon-High-Flux Solar Simula...
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DLR's Meteorological Research for CSP

Meteorological information is essential for the design, the operation and the qualification of CSP plants and their components. The department “Qualification” determines the meteorological parameters ...
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Indusol - Industrialisation of ceramic solar absorbers
The objectives of the collaborative project INDUSOL are the development and testing of industrial manufacturing process for...
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Previous research work

DLR has been part of and major contributor to the entire research of direct solar steam generation. Starting from the first idea and the basic technical issues, the development eventually lead to the ...
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