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August 6, 2013: New Professional CSP Project Planning and Management Courses (eM-Project series)

eM-Project is a new training course with the objective of supporting perspective project planners and managers in the MENA region to understand the project development process and to get involved in i...
Related Topics: Qualification Energy Production and Conversion

SolACES – An Auto-Calibrating EUV / UV Spectrophotometer on the International Space Station (ISS)

The goal of SolACES (Solar Auto-Calibrating EUV/UV Spectrophotometers) is to measure the spectral EUV fluxes of the Sun with an absolute radiometric accuracy of better than ten per cent. To this end, ...
Related Topics: Solar Physics Qualification Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance Instrumentation and Photography Space Radiation Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

Receiver testing at the research facility

Since October 2013 the research department of the Institute of Solar Research has been operating its own test lab for improving the performance of open volumetric receivers. The new generation of sol...
Related Topics: Qualification Solar High Temperature Systems Solar Physics


MONitoring of the Ionosphere by innovative Techniques, coordinated Observations and Resources. The main goal of MONITOR is to design, develop, deploy and operate a system for collection, processing a...
Related Topics: Plasma Physics Qualification Solar Physics Geophysics
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