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August 6, 2013: New Professional CSP Project Planning and Management Courses (eM-Project series)

eM-Project is a new training course with the objective of supporting perspective project planners and managers in the MENA region to understand the project development process and to get involved in i...
Related Topics: Qualification Energy Production and Conversion


Scientific Exchange with Middle Asia
The main objective of the project is to promote the exchange between German and Uzbek scientists, and thereby support the build-up of scientifi...
Related Topics: Qualification Energy Production and Conversion

Optical Measurement Systems and Special Experiments under Space Conditions

At the Department Facilities and Solar Materials of the DLR Institute of Solar Research there is equipment to launch concentrated solar radiation and also the radiation of different artificial light s...
Related Topics: Qualification Solar Physics


Analysis of high-resultion measurements from TSE1 power station in Kanjanabouri/Thailand
The project Kandis (Scientific monitoring of direct steam generation in the Kanjanaburi p...
Related Topics: Application Development Qualification
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