Solar High Temperature Systems

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Receiver testing at the research facility

Since October 2013 the research department of the Institute of Solar Research has been operating its own test lab for improving the performance of open volumetric receivers. The new generation of sol...
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Retrospect to SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium and SFERA Summer School on Hornberg Castle

Nearly 50 doctoral students from different european Research Institutes with focus on CSP took part in both events on Hornberg castle in the black forrest. The participants presented the current stat...
Related Topics: Solar High Temperature Systems


At the DLR site Stuttgart the Institute of Solar Research is present with employees of the departments Point Focus Systems and Line Focus Systems. Their presence in Stuttgart offers optimal conditions...
Related Topics: Solar High Temperature Systems Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

High-Flux Solar Furnace and Xenon-High-Flux Solar Simulator

The high flux solar furnace and the high flux solar simulator serve as test tools for research and qualification of new technologies requiring concentrated solar or artificial light. Irradiances of up...
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