Vehicles Structure

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Welcome to the Institute of Vehicle Concepts

The Institute's fields of endeavour address the development of future technology systems for sustainable, safe, and affordable generations of vehicles on road and rail. The Institute's contributions r...
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29 June 2011: Dedication of the Dynamic Component Testing Facility

Component tests for the safe car of tomorrow A car consists on average of 12000 individual parts. The doors, the roof, and the sides or front end are among the supporting components. These elements i...
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DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts at the Hannover Messe technology trade fair, April 23 – 27, 2012: Lightweight construction for the car of the future

Safe, lightweight and environmentally friendly while still affordable for coming generations, these are the qualities of tomorrow’s cars. The DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts will be showcasing its l...
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Crash, High-velocity impact and virtual certification

Die Forschungsaktivitäten der Abteilung „Strukturelle Integrität” liegen im Bereich der Funktionstüchtigkeit und Schadenstoleranz von hochbelasteten Tragstrukturen nach Crash-Belastung und Schädigung...
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18–19 May 2011: The Institute of Vehicle Concepts at the ATZ Symposium—Materials in the Automobile in Stuttgart

MATERIALS AND DESIGN ARE A CROWNING DISCIPLINE IN AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING! All in one car is also presented with materials, and they play a vital role in the innovation of new power train technologies...
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The so called Sharp Edge Flight Experiment hypersonic flight of SHEFEX-II had the aim to investigate advanced technology for atmospheric re-entry under real conditions. Besides a unique thermal protec...
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SiLEST- Software in the Loop for Embedded System Test

In this project, a framework for automatic tests of safety-critical software to be used in embedded systems has been developed. It supports all kinds of X-in-the-Loop tests. The generic execution envi...
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