Vehicles Structure

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RailDriVE®: Railway Driving and Validation Environment

The Institute of Transportation Systems has developed the RailDriVE® testing and measurement vehicle for the testing and development of continuous on-board positioning systems. This road-rail vehicle ...
Related Topics: Communications and Radar Railway Transportation Management Vehicles Structure Aircraft Communications and Navigation Air Transportation and Safety


The so called Sharp Edge Flight Experiment hypersonic flight of SHEFEX-II had the aim to investigate advanced technology for atmospheric re-entry under real conditions. Besides a unique thermal protec...
Related Topics: Vehicles Structure

Nano-Satellite "CLAVIS"

In the frame of the project „CLAVIS“ the Institute of Space Systems aims at the development of multi-purpose satellite bus in the nano-satellite category in order to operate payloads in a near Earth o...
Related Topics: Launch Vehicles and Launch Operations Vehicles Structure Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance Electronics and Electrical Engineering

SiLEST- Software in the Loop for Embedded System Test

In this project, a framework for automatic tests of safety-critical software to be used in embedded systems has been developed. It supports all kinds of X-in-the-Loop tests. The generic execution envi...
Related Topics: Vehicles Structure
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