Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

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Data services

Data services provide relevant traffic and geo-data from Braunschweig's (urban) transport infrastructure. These include the data and map data bases for highly and fully automated driver assistance sys...
Related Topics: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


The majority of traffic accidents iscaused by driver errors. driver assistance systems are aimed to support the driver and can sustainably boost traffic safety and efficiency. The goal of the Institut...
Related Topics: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


The SimWorld project has the goal of incorporating, rapidly and in detail, the traffic, roads and landscapes of actual test tracks in vehicle simulators, based on geodata and vehicle measurements. In ...
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DriveMark® goes Europe - DLR presents methods for highly accurate road maps in The Hague and Glasgow

For high-precision mapping of road tracks for automated driving as well as for geodetic applications data from remote sensing can provide an extraordinary value per view from the top.
Related Topics: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

eCoMove - Cooperative Mobility Systems and Services for Energy Efficiency

The project eCoMove is developing different vehicle-based applications for supporting an economic manner of driving and testing their effectiveness. Furthermore, there is a networking of vehicles and ...
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