Railway Transportation Management

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The railway specific laboratory offers the opportunity to analyze systems, subsystems and components of train control technology as well as operational concepts. The validation of the interoperation b...
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Railway Systems

The globalisation of the economy and the growing demand in mobility lead to an enormous increase of traffic volume, which is primarily taken by the road. In order to work against this trend, the compe...
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Institute of Transportation Systems

In today’s economy and society mobility is of high significance. People want to arrive at their destinations comfortably and quickly. Goods have to be moved economically over long and short distances....
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Modern operating procedures with high demands on efficiency and safety call for a continuous, vehicle-based positioning system. The functionality of vehicle-based positioning sensor systems and the re...
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Welcome to the Institute of Vehicle Concepts

The Institute's fields of endeavour address the development of future technology systems for sustainable, safe, and affordable generations of vehicles on road and rail. The Institute's contributions r...
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