Airport Management

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Airport Research Facility Braunschweig

The research airport Braunschweig-Wolfsburg has a unique sensor system that enables the high-precision surveillance of objects on approach and departure as well as on the ground. This environment allo...
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CLOU - Cooperative Local Resource Planner

CLOU is a functional prototype of a Total Operations Planner (TOP) and assists in establishing CDM-concepts at the airport. Flight plans, updates, capacity and weather predictions are evaluated and di...
Related Topics: Airport Management

Aeronautic Study on Seamless Transport

ASSET is a project within the Seventh European Framework Programme whose multinational consortium is coordinated by the German Aerospace Centre. Against the background of insufficient punctuality of t...
Related Topics: Airport Management


Most processes in air transport are safety critical and need involvement of different groups of actors. This area of expertise covers expertise, methodologies and facilities to verify and validate ATM...
Related Topics: Airport Management

Air-Ground Integration

This area of expertise comprises the operational and technical know-how about concepts, procedures and tools related to the integration of airborne and ground ATM systems. The area of expertise conce...
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Winter weather

Winter weather can severely impair the road and air traffic with respect to punctuality, efficiency and safety. The institute deals with all safety-related problems of winter weather. This comprises ...
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Systems Evaluation

The research facilities of the Institute of Flight Guidance provide the backbone for comprehensive demonstration and validation of newly developed systems and procedures in flight guidance and air tra...
Related Topics: Airport Management Research and Support Facilities (Air) Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Traffic Monitor

The German Aerospace Center designed, developed and implemented under contract of Fraport AG, the Frankfurt/Main airport operator, a system for displaying, recording and analyzing capacity related par...
Related Topics: Airport Management

Aircraft Position, Velocity and Attitude

The Honeywell Laserref Innertial Reference System (IRS) uses ring laser gyros and servo accelerometers to measure horizontal, vertical and angular acceleration in the Cartesian aircraft reference syst...
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