Airport Management

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Traffic Monitor

The German Aerospace Center designed, developed and implemented under contract of Fraport AG, the Frankfurt/Main airport operator, a system for displaying, recording and analyzing capacity related par...
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Computational Fluid Dynamics is a key enabler for meeting the strategic goals of future air transportation. However, the limitations of today’s numerical tools reduce the scope of innovation in aircra...
Related Topics: Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Airport Management Air Transportation and Safety

Dew Point and Humidity

For water vapor measurements three different instruments are used: a commercial aircraft dew point hygrometer (GE 1011B, General Eastern), a slightly modified capacitive sensor (Humicap-H ,Vaisala) an...
Related Topics: Aircraft Stability and Control Airport Management

Thermo Fluid Systems

The term thermo fluid systems is used for systems that make use of the principles of both thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. This kind of system is essential on modern airplanes.
Related Topics: Airport Management Aircraft Propulsion and Power Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

DLR/DGLR Workshop in Braunschweig

The aim of the workshop is to discuss innovative numerical methods for solving the compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations. During the last few years many new techniques and concepts have been ...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis Airport Management Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Aerodynamic


Two deiced Rosemount Total Air Temperature (TAT) sensor housings BW102 are used for temperature measurement. As sensing elements a fast open wire PT100 element and a slow encapsulated PT100 element ar...
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As to the severely growing capacity bottlenecks on European hubs, often a better integration of the various means of transportation is required. One goal is the linkage of high-speed train networks wi...
Related Topics: Airport Management
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