Traffic Development

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Integration of logistics hubs and their specific volume of traffic in freight transport demand modelling

Logistics hubs play an important role in transport processes between sender and recipients. Specific characteristics of logistics hubs cause differences in transport volumes. These transport differenc...
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Air Freight Model - Analysis and Forecast of Air Freight

The development of air freight is considered as an early indicator for economic changes; thus, a reliable air traffic forecast is very important for the industry and decision makers in policy. The air...
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Renewbility II

The federal government intends to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020 compared to 1990. In order to launch targeted measures in the transport sector, we need basic knowledge about what thes...
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WIV-RAD: Analysis of bicycle use in commercial transport

Bicycles in their various structural shapes were a common means of transport for freight distribution and internal company transport in the first half of the 20th century. They have also been used as ...
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UFO – Unmanned Freight Operations

Unmanned aircraft are gaining more and more importance in the aviation sector. Lately, the point of interest in this specific field is increasingly including civil applications, too. One such civil sc...
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Department: Commercial Transport

Commercial transport in Germany is growing rapidly. Day after day, 80 million people require extensive freight transport and business journeys. Furthermore, there are 4 million businesses in this coun...
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Airport Research

The Airport Research focuses on the implementation of the ACARE goals to improve traffic flow at airports. The main focus here is on landside airport management and airport simulation. The followi...
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Degradation of material parameters due to damage

Degradation of material parameters in the wake of damage is relevant for a fast analysis of damage tolerance as well as for the post buckling analysis.
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The main objective of this ESA funded project is to develop a demonstrator for testing of adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) techniques for broadband satellite communications based on the DVB-S2 spe...
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„Ich ersetze ein Auto“: Electric cargo bikes for couriers and express logistics services

As part of the Climate Initiative (funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment), 40 electric cargo bikes are integrated in daily courier deliveries. Electric cargo bikes allow a payload ...
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