Traffic Development

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COFRET – CO2 Emissions of Freight Transport

The European Union (EU) has stated that global temperatures should not exceed pre-industrial levels by more than 2°C in order to keep impacts of climate change at a manageable level. To reach this tar...
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Institute of Transport Research

The subjects of mobility and transport affect people today more than ever. On the one hand, an effective transport system is an essential prerequisite for a prospering economy. On the other hand, mobi...
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BO 105

The BO 105 is used as a research platform with a wide range of applications like analysis of flight characteristics, measurement of noise in special flight procedures, development of pilot assistance ...
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Air Transport Statistics

Monthly evaluation of German air transport statistics performed by DLR. One of the traditional and important data bases to be applied for air transport studies is the official German air transport ...
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Risk Habitat Megacity (RHM)

Urbanization and the continuous growth of Megacities is one the most important global phenomena of today. Megacities are often measured according to their population size. In addition they are charact...
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SANDRA - Seamless Aeronautical Networking through integration of Data links Radios and Antennas

The overall air transportation sector is currently under significant stress. With the demand in aircraft operations expected at least to double by the 2025 timeframe, there are well-founded concerns t...
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