Traffic Development

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Degradation of material parameters due to damage

Degradation of material parameters in the wake of damage is relevant for a fast analysis of damage tolerance as well as for the post buckling analysis.
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The main objective of this ESA funded project is to develop a demonstrator for testing of adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) techniques for broadband satellite communications based on the DVB-S2 spe...
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„Ich entlaste Städte“: The German cargo cycle testing scheme for commercial and public users

Cities have to deal with high levels of traffic, which is partly due to an increase in delivery transport. These high levels of traffic result in emissions and congested streets, putting strain on bot...
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„Ich ersetze ein Auto“: Electric cargo bikes for couriers and express logistics services

As part of the Climate Initiative (funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment), 40 electric cargo bikes are integrated in daily courier deliveries. Electric cargo bikes allow a payload ...
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Helmholtz-Allianz ENERGY-TRANS

The energy transition in Germany and other European countries, the accelerated abandonment of nuclear power, the fast expansion of renewables and the ambitious increase in energy efficiency are major ...
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Due to various modifications on the aircraft structure and aircraft system the DLR Cessna C-208B is a unique multipurpose research aircraft
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Air Traffic Forecasts

FW works on a broad spectrum of air transport forecasts. Beside the spatial and the temporal dimension, DLR forecasts also vary in their aim, which may comprise both demand parameters like traffic vol...
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COFRET – CO2 Emissions of Freight Transport

The European Union (EU) has stated that global temperatures should not exceed pre-industrial levels by more than 2°C in order to keep impacts of climate change at a manageable level. To reach this tar...
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