Traffic Development

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Electric mobility as a component of the transformation in energy usage and climate protection

Climate protection requires a drastic reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve the German goal of almost complete elimination of emissions by 2050, a significant and early str...
Related Topics: Integrated Traffic-Environment Model System Analysis Traffic Development Propellants and Fuels

Recent conference presentations by DLR Air Transport and Airport Research staff

20st Air Transport Research Society World Conference (Rhodes/Greece) & 14th World Conference on Transport Research (Shanghai)
Related Topics: Integrated Traffic-Environment Model Traffic Development

NaNu! Multiple Shift Operation and Night Delivery with Electric Commercial Vehicles

Deliveries to and within inner-city areas are a fundamental cause of temporary local bottlenecks in traffic and dominate the local peak concentration periods of relevant pollutants. A shift of deliver...
Related Topics: Traffic Development

Air Transport Statistics

Monthly evaluation of German air transport statistics performed by DLR. One of the traditional and important data bases to be applied for air transport studies is the official German air transport ...
Related Topics: Traffic Development

Risk Habitat Megacity (RHM)

Urbanization and the continuous growth of Megacities is one the most important global phenomena of today. Megacities are often measured according to their population size. In addition they are charact...
Related Topics: System Analysis Traffic Development

MaRPAS (Maritime RPAS operation)

In a security-critical situation in the maritime area, the Federal Police in Germany could employ the ship-based deployment of remotely piloted aircraft systems that may enable the automated acquisiti...
Related Topics: Traffic Development Aircraft Communications and Navigation

SANDRA - Seamless Aeronautical Networking through integration of Data links Radios and Antennas

The overall air transportation sector is currently under significant stress. With the demand in aircraft operations expected at least to double by the 2025 timeframe, there are well-founded concerns t...
Related Topics: Communications and Radar Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation Air Transportation and Safety Traffic Development Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
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