Traffic Development

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Smart e-User: Optimisation of urban logistics concept for electric vehicles

With a focus on city logistics, Smart e-User integrates electric vehicles into current transport structures of the project’s industry partners in Berlin. These partners represent possible user groups ...
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Institute of Transport Research

Mobility and transport move people today more than ever: They ensure social participation, economic activity, the ability to get around locally and even a connection to the rest of the world. In Germa...
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The DLR DO228-212 is a research aircraft allowing a versatile deployment due to its numerous modifications.
Related Topics: Traffic Development

AEROFLEX: Aerodynamic and Flexible Trucks for Next Generation of Long Distance Road Transport

A paradigm shift is needed to meet the future challenges of more effective road freight transport. The "Physical Internet" stands for this as a new vision of future logistics for physical goods to ach...
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Travellers do not want to spend their time in endless queues or waiting at the station for the train; they want to arrive at their destination quickly, punctually and relaxed. Optimode.NET intends to ...
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Electric mobility as a component of the transformation in energy usage and climate protection

Climate protection requires a drastic reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve the German goal of almost complete elimination of emissions by 2050, a significant and early str...
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