Measures and Technologies

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Welcome to the Institute of Vehicle Concepts

The Institute's fields of endeavour address the development of future technology systems for sustainable, safe, and affordable generations of vehicles on road and rail. The Institute's contributions r...
Related Topics: Vehicles Structure Measures and Technologies Next Generation Train Energy Production and Conversion System Analysis Railway Transportation Management

eCoMove - Cooperative Mobility Systems and Services for Energy Efficiency

The project eCoMove is developing different vehicle-based applications for supporting an economic manner of driving and testing their effectiveness. Furthermore, there is a networking of vehicles and ...
Related Topics: Measures and Technologies Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Road Traffic Management

TAPAS: Model for future demand in passenger transport

The TAPAS transport model provides data on the future development of passenger transport demand. Socio-demographic data and information on the time use of people whose mobility behavior is documented ...
Related Topics: Measures and Technologies

MOLECULES – Mobility Based on Electric Connected Vehicles in Urban and Interurban Smart, Clean Environments

MOLECULES is a demonstration object for electromobility including three large-scale pilot sites in Barcelona, Paris and Berlin. Supported by ITS (Intelligent Transportation Services), a so-called Smar...
Related Topics: Measures and Technologies

OPTIC – Optimal Policies for Transport in Combination

OPTIC is a research project under EU’s 7th framework program. It is meant to develop measures that help to identify and evaluate possible adverse effects, which may result from the introduction of tra...
Related Topics: Noise and Emissions Measures and Technologies

Traffic Oriented Microscopic Simulator

TOMICS is a simulation software for modelling individual passenger movements in the traffic space. Emphasis is put on modelling a preferably wide spectrum of all traffic processes in the terminal area...
Related Topics: Measures and Technologies


The SimWorld project has the goal of incorporating, rapidly and in detail, the traffic, roads and landscapes of actual test tracks in vehicle simulators, based on geodata and vehicle measurements. In ...
Related Topics: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Measures and Technologies Quality Assurance and Reliability

Broadband Systems Group

This group is currently working in the field of satellite navigation, with a focus on signal processing, and on the combination of satellite navigation (GNSS) with communications for context aware sys...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation Communications and Radar Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Measures and Technologies Traffic Management at Events Documentation and Information Science Air Transportation and Safety

High performance lightweight constructions for aviation and traffic

The main topic for aviation and traffic high performance lightweight constructions are affected by co-operation on interdisciplinary research with other institutes of the DLR (RK, WF, AE and FK) as we...
Related Topics: Measures and Technologies
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