Integrated Traffic-Environment Model

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Climate impact of traffic

At the Institute of Atmospheric Physics we investigate the effects of various transport emissions on the constitution of the atmosphere and the climate. For example, the relative contributions of sing...
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Renewbility II

The federal government intends to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020 compared to 1990. In order to launch targeted measures in the transport sector, we need basic knowledge about what thes...
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Extremum statistics

Transportation Studies works on new concepts for statistics of extreme events including their probabilistic evaluation. From time series, like level records the occurrence of infrequent events like fl...
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Air Transportation

The departments` work mainly focuses on modelling and analysing the air transportation at airports. In addition to the operation and progress of fast time simulations for air traffic sequences the dep...
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Electric mobility as a component of the transformation in energy usage and climate protection

Climate protection requires a drastic reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve the German goal of almost complete elimination of emissions by 2050, a significant and early str...
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