Composite Materials

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Progressive missiles technologies (FFT)

In order to improve future missile generations new technologies have to be developed. The main targets of this DLR internal project are the development of base technologies and design criteria for key...
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NDV - Low pressure compressor

As part of the NDV (low-pressure compressor) collaborative project, DLR Simulation and Software Technology had been supporting the DLR Institute of Material Research (WF) and Propulsion Technology (AT...
Related Topics: Composite Materials

Structural Mechanics

Main focus is the development of efficient software which can be integrated within the overall calculation procedure. Therefore fast numerical tools are available at an early development stage within ...
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Ceramic coatings are capable to increase the thermo-chemical and abrasive resistance of C/C-SiC components significantly. Therefore a special coating technique was developed which is fully integrated ...
Related Topics: Composite Materials
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