Propellants and Fuels

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Thermochemical Research for CO2-neutral Renewable Fuels
The Virtual Institute SolarSynGas pursues the long-term goal to produce CO2-neutral renewable fuels efficiently and econ...
Related Topics: Solar Transformation of Substances Solar Physics Propellants and Fuels System Analysis

Development of Technology and Air Transport emitted CO2 until 2050

According to current prognoses despite short-term, economy-related declines, air traffic will continue growing on long-term. The development of CO2-emissions of global air traffic is mainly dependent ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Stability and Control Quality Assurance and Reliability Propellants and Fuels System Analysis


In Jülich, the DLR Institute of Solar Research operates Germany’s unique Solar Tower as experimental solar thermal power plant. Funded by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and in cooperation with pa...
Related Topics: Oceanography Propellants and Fuels Energy Production and Conversion

Reduction of Present Uncertainties

An important goal is to create the scientific basis for a sustainable development of global aviation and to identify and assess the corresponding technological options. This requires the climatic impa...
Related Topics: Propellants and Fuels

Components for space propulsion systems

Ziel einer laufenden Neuentwicklung ist es, für kryogene Raketentriebwerke (LH2/LOX) durch eine neuartige, integrale Bauweise Schubkammern mit Effusionskühlung unter Verwendung poröser C/C-Faserkerami...
Related Topics: Space Transportation and Safety Structural Mechanics Combustible Spacecraft Propulsion and Power Propellants and Fuels Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space) Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
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