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DLR Laser-range Scanner (2000)

The DLR Laser Range Scanner is a device for the exploration of three-dimensional environments. It uses the principle of laser triangulation, as shown in Figure 1. A laser beam is send from a source an...
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Datasheet FPM K3A

For the both earth observing satellites KompSat-3 (launch 2011) and KompSat-3A (launch 2013) DLR-OS got the order from the South Korean space agency KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) to design...
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Optimal use of renewable energy sources – „Energy Meteorology Knowledge Network” launched

What are optimal locations for future solar and wind energy converters? Can wind strength be predicted? Where can the highest levels of solar insolation be expected in the next few days and how high w...
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Static and dynamic pressure

Rosemount Model 1501 Digital Pressure Transducer - Noseboom, Rosemount Model 1201F2 Pressure Transducer - Noseboom, Rosemount Model 1221F2 - Noseboom
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Set-up of DLR-receiving antennas for the TanDEM-X mission in INUVIK (North Canada) has been successfully

By means of installing a 13m parabolic antenna in the north Canadian permafrost region near UINUVIK, the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) has passed a further important milestone preparing for ...
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New communication with Philae – commands executed successfully

10 July 2015
Lander Philae hat am 9. Juli 2015 von 19.45 Uhr bis 20.07 Uhr erneut Daten gesendet - darunter auch Mess-Daten des Instruments CONSERT. Auch wenn die Verbindung dabei mehrfach a...
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